About Me

My name is Asadollah Alimohammadi. I was born in Iran in 1952. I fled to Denmark a refugee in 1984 and started a new life here. I am holding a bachelor of Education. For several years, I was a member of editorial board for the first Iranian Magazine – “Mohajer” – which was published in Denmark. From 2001, I was asked to lead “The Persian Music Association” in Denmark, which lasted for six years. During that time, Majid Derakhshani was invited to Denmark to teach two most important musical instruments in Iran – Tar & Setar. I am one of the pioneers of Iranian blogs and my interview with Iranian bloggers, titled “Once upon a Time, Blog” was published by Gardon in Germany in 2015. My second book which is a Crime novel – “Other Homeland” was also published by Gardon. Also, I was the editor of Blog news website for many years. At the moment, I am retired and teaching Setar to Iranians and Internationals who interested to learn Setar and Meanwhile, it is also working with Mani Radio & Tv